ArmA 3 Server Update — 1/3/21

Welcome to the new year! To celebrate the holidays & winter time, we now boot up our time machines and travel back to WWII to assist the Scandies in their fight against Soviet Russia. Current modlist: Download from our Discord server (open […]


ArmA 3 Server Update – 9/9/20

Takistan is ours! Now begins an invasion unlike anything our unit has experienced before. Introducing: Gjallarhorn Liberation: Rhodesia! Based in G.O.S. N’Ziwasogo, experience a Rhodesian-themed Liberation effort based on KP Liberation, with customized hostile forces on a fresh, new map. […]


ArmA Server Update – 7/3/20

Chernarus falls, the invasion of Takistan has begun! Join us on KP Liberation: Takistan. You’ll find the modpack needed to join our server below, along with instructions. See you there! Current modlist: Download from our Discord server (open your ArmA […]


Announcing a New Server!

Today we announce a new server to the community: 7 Days to Die! We’re currently running a vanilla server (with modified difficulty/custom settings) and 150x experience rates. We encourage both PvP and PvE and are new player friendly. If you’d […]

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