ArmA 3 Server Update – 9/9/20


ArmA 3 Server Update – 9/9/20

Takistan is ours! Now begins an invasion unlike anything our unit has experienced before. Introducing: Gjallarhorn Liberation: Rhodesia! Based in G.O.S. N’Ziwasogo, experience a Rhodesian-themed Liberation effort based on KP Liberation, with customized hostile forces on a fresh, new map.

Current modlist: Download from our Discord server (open your ArmA 3 Launcher -> Mods -> Presets at the top right -> Import)

Due to the nature of the mods in this mission, our server is password protected. To acquire the password, please check our announcements channel in our Discord. Sorry for the inconvenience, but at least you’ll get to meet the rest of our community. ;)


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