ArmA Unit

1st BN 130th SFG “Valkyrie”

About Our Unit

Founded in December 2015, with earlier iterations in previous years, 1-130 is a unit, guild, and community with its roots in several games, including Battlefield, World of Warcraft, and of course, ArmA. Our unit here is a branch of our larger community known as Gjallarhorn. 

Currently, we offer an ArmA server where you can hop in and out as you please and have fun with the game and our members. We don’t ask that you attend mandatory boot camp, training sessions, etc., but will certainly help you get better at the game if you ask.

As noted above, we play semi-tactically and try to adhere to a realistic milsim environment while still having fun, chatting, and goofing off as we go. 

We run ACE3 with an advanced-lite medical system, no fatigue, and adjusted aim settings. We use both TFAR & Discord for comms, depending on what people are feeling. While we have some common mods we almost always run, most of the time our missions are set up for whatever the community decides on. We currently have one server, which you can find the information for under the appropriate tab, or by clicking here. It has a large campaign-style mission in rotation based on community votes. For immediate information & updates, it’s recommended you join our Discord server.

You will be required to download our server’s mod list or you will not be able to play. It is posted every time a new mission is created, both in Discord and our website, on our front page. You may either import the list straight into your launcher, or subscribe to the Steam collection if one is made.